FXone - trade execution system

FXone is a decentralized, Smart Order Router that connects to one or more liquidity providers (LPs), and includes the most advanced GUI / spreadsheet engine available today. FXone is combined with an Order/Execution Management System that sits on top of its technology in any colocation. FXone can also sit on top of third party technology where only a GUI is required.

  • Web based admin tool suite
    - User administration
    - Pre trade risk controls
    - Liquidity management
    - Live trading activity dashboard
    - Trading Reports
  • Post Trade Messaging
    We support drop copy of execution reports to your clearing house or back office
  • Spreadsheet Engine
    - Signal based trading
    - OMS/EMS
    Normalized emulated orders across ALL LP’s
    We support order execution via prexisitng backoffice integrations with FIX api FIX API
    - Order templates
    - Historical data to initialize your strategies
  • Live trading activity dashboard
    FXone can receive STP for trades made outside our ecosystem. This provides you access to a holistic view of your aggregate PnL across all venues
  • Nimble deployment anywhere
    NY4, LD4 and TY3 in production - hosted infrastructure provider network has global reach


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Production Support:
+1 212-203-3180